Rosie at 2.5 Years Old

Welp, I cannot believe I'm writing this post because I swear I just penned her 2 year old post and BAM!  Here we are with our biggest little girl Rosie at 2.5 years old!  Time is indeed flying by!

I did a 2.5 year old post for Patrick so I figured I'd keep with tradition and do one for Rosie!  I think 2.5 is my last "half year" update I do for the kiddos because I didn't do a 3.5 year old one for your last one at half a year for Rosie too!

I didn't do a formal '2.5 year old photoshoot' for Rosie because I have far tooooo many pictures to pick from you can enjoy these recently snaps along with some fun facts about Ro Ro at 2.5!

  • Rosie weighs 37 pounds and stands about 35 or 36" tall (give or take) and wears all 4T clothes.  She is a TANK of a girl -- rock solid and steady!  She's slowly losing her baby fat (and I emphasize slowly cause her thighs are still super meaty!) and leaning out a bit.  Her chubby little face is still round and oh-so-cute when she gives the biggest grin imaginable!
  • Ro wears a size 8 shoe now (just graduated from a size 7 after wearing them all summer) and girlfriend has some chunky monkey feet!
  • She HAS TO pick out her own clothes and accessories (necklaces, hair clips, headbands).  She is very particular about what she wears and currently is obsessed with dresses and wants to wear and dress to school!
  • Sassy. So so so sassy.  Gosh, this little lady is such a diva!  She can turn on the sass and attitude at the drop of a hat, and then promptly turn it off again 2 seconds later.  She definitely keeps us on our toes, that's for sure!
  • Girlfriend is obsessed with princesses, Peppa Pig, and Minnie Mouse!  She loves these things and playing with any toys related to them and/or watching shows with them on there.  She is very much a girly girl and loves pink more than I ever thought a child of mine would!
  • Is a pro at navigating YouTube Kids on her "baby baa baa" (iPhone) or iPad.  She loves watching her shows on that, especially any kid-created content.  She knows how to swipe, select videos, turn the volume down, and a whole lot more than most 2 year olds know how to do!
  • Started 2s Preschool back in August and LOVES it.  Toodles in every morning she goes (3 days a week) like it's no big deal and barely waves goodbye because she's so excited to go.  It helps that her "Pat Pat" is there with her every morning too, but yeah, she loves school and is learning SO MUCH.  Her vocabulary and speech have exploded because of it and it's so fun to watch and listen to her talk and chit chat!
  • Physically Rosie is 100% ready to potty train...mentally, not there just yet.  She's gone a few times on the potty, but also much prefers to wear her diapers!  I mean, she asks for her diapers to be on!  We got her a new princess potty and oodles of treats and rewards but no dice yet, she still politely says, "No thank you." when you ask her if she wants to go on the potty and that's that.  Hoping in the near future a light switch flips and she's all about that potty life!
  • Absolutely loves being a big sister.  Tells everyone that Annie is "her baby" and cannot give her enough kisses and hugs!  It's the cutest thing EVER.
  • LOVES to pose -- when she's in the mood for it!  Sometimes when I tell her to pose for a pic she screams "NOOOOOOO!!" (back to that sassy attitude!) and won't.  But when she does she strikes the most fabulous poses ever and it is just my most favorite thing!  I love it sooooo.
  • Girlfriend talks UP A STORM.  And you can understand nearly EVERYTHING she says.  It is WONDERFUL how much she talks and communicates...mostly in full sentences!  I need to start documenting "Rosie Tales" for the things she says much like I've done with Patrick in the past.  It's so funny.  And she says things so well and has an iron-clad memory too.  It's very hard to pull a fast one on her because she truly remembers everything you tell her and say. 
  • Rosie is so good at entertaining herself and playing solo.  She has some Minnie Mouse toys in her bed that she'll sit and play with once she wakes up until it's time for her to get out of her bed.  She's very good at independent play and entertaining herself (which is awesome!).  She does love playing with others (especially her Pat Pat) but is so good solo too.
  • Sharing...ahhh, getting better at this.  Like most 2.5 year olds everything is still "MINE!!!" and doesn't want to be shared.  She's getting better at listening and following directions and taking turns.  I think preschool is helping immensely with this.
  • A while ago we transitioned Rosie to her big girl bed and we haven't looked back since!  It was seamless transition and she loves sleeping in her big girl bed in the same room as her Pat Pat and it truly couldn't have gone any better!
  • Still rockin' 20 teeth, same as she was at 2 years old!  No tooth/teeth injuries or early departures for any of them yet too...thankfully.
  • Likes a variety of food but is definitely picky about certain things and has favorites and things she does NOT like.  However, she is finicky and will go back and forth -- sometimes she loves hamburgers, some days she wants nothing to do with it!  Generally though, she will eat (or at least try) whatever is put in front of her.
  • Still a very avid thumb sucker.  She usually only does this when she's tired or upset as a comfort thing.  She doesn't really having any lovies, minus Princess Dolly who she's recently become attached to but still doesn't HAVE TO HAVE her to go to sleep with.
  • Ro still takes one nap a day (usually from 1-3pm) and goes to bed around 8pm and sleeps until usually 7 or 8am the next day!  She's a fantastic sleeper still and I am sooooo thankful for that!!
  • LOOOOOOVES going to KiKi's Lake!  Has been doing lake adventures for quite a while now and she loves going solo or with Patrick.  Spends the night away from home at KiKi's or NeeNee's or Grandma/Papa's and it's no big deal at all!  Very easy going in that regard.
  • We still have a few nicknames for her: Ro, Roey, Ro Ro, Ro Boat, Rosie girl, Sister Bear, Sissy, Princess Chickaletta, Princess, and Princess Rosie (those last 2 she has deemed herself! haha!).  Obviously quite a few nicknames for our Rosie girl!

Welp friends, that's about all of the riveting and fun facts I have about our Ro Ro at 2.5 years old!  I cannot believe her next formal update post will be when she's THREE!  I cannot wait to see how much she grows and learns between now and then!  Oh Rosie girl!  We love you so much and you are just such an amazing addition to our fam bam!

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