It's no secret 'round these parts I love me some donuts.

Like A LOT.

So when I saw this bad boy go up for sale I just HAD TO HAVE IT.  I mean, the girls both had matching ones and donut moccs and I had just gotten donut headbands for us three and of course my donut Tula, so this was a must.

Mike said he'd get it for me for Christmas but, duh, as soon as it came I wanted to wear it I did!  And boy, it's comfy, let me tell ya.

We had a Halloween party to go to last weekend and, duh, we were donuts!  I was so comfortable too so win win on that.

Anyways, ever since my donut jumper came I had been wanting to get a pic of all of us in our matching attire.  So on Sunday I decided to do it, butttttt, Mike was he was out as our photog.  However, I have another budding photographer in my house and BAM.  Done.  Patrick was ALLLLL about taking our pics.

See?!!  Armed and ready, strap doubled around him so he wouldn't drop my oh-so-expensive camera!  HAHA!

Anyways, I got the girls dressed and Scoots in my Tula and out we went for some donuty snaps and OHH MYY GOSHH, I freaking LOVE what Patrick captured and how these came out!  Yes, they all seem to have a light/sunspot on them but that just makes them even better in my opinion.  My 4 year old took them and they just look fabulous.  I am so incredibly biased though.

I mean, aren't those freaking adorable?!?  Hehehehe, we had so much fun.  And I had to bribe the heck out of Rosie to wear that outfit cause, you know, she's a die-hard dress lover these days.

Anyways, had to share some donuty fun on this Monday with you!!  Have a good one friends!!

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