Annie at 9 Months

WOW.  What a day to turn 9 months old!  Halloween, 38 weeks old, and 9 month checkup all on the same day!  Annie girl, these 9 months have been such a blessing having you in our fam bam!  I cannot believe you're 3/4ths of the way to ONE!

This is the month I started monthly blogging with at the end of this blog there are links to both Patrick and Rosie's 9 month riveting blog post for you to read...if you so choose :)

So Annie Banannie is 9 months AND 38 weeks old today.  Here's all of her weekly snaps in a nice little collage (thank you Photoshop!) for your viewing pleasure.

Annie is such a little meatball and growing more and more by the day!  I cannot believe 9 months have flown by with her in our family!  It feels like just yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital.

I have another post comin' for ya later today about her 9 month checkup (again, so riveting! I know!), but until then here's some fun mom stats to get you through.  Your favorite, huh?!!
  • Annie weighs 21 pounds even...we'll see how my scale measures up with the doc's scale!  I'm guessing she's about 27 or 28 inches long as well.  Still about 2lbs less than her siblings at this age.
  • Annie is in 9-12 and 12 month clothes (with a few 6-12 thrown in there too that run big).  She's shockingly not as gigantic as the other two were at this age and, I'll say it again, she's getting some serious wear out of clothes that the big kids blew through!
  • Not crawling, but can roll like a champ and scoot and bend and wiggle to get where she needs to go!  She's actually pretty good just sitting up and staying in relatively the same spot, but I think she'll probably be full-on crawling in another month or so.
  • Has two teeth on the bottom!  Uses those to eat anything she can get into her month, which is not limited to food but anything she finds on the ground.  Soooo, we've had to be really good about making sure anything around her and on the floor are her BIG toys and not Patrick's little legos or anything like that.
  • Graduated from the pumpkin/infant car seat to the convertible car seat and seems to really be loving it!  She was just getting too heavy to be carried in the infant one so we ditched that and BOOM.  Convertible car seat it is now for her and she seems to be happy as a little clam in it!
  • Still a very avid thumb sucker, but, much like her big sister, only does it when she's tired and/or in bed.  Doesn't have a lovie or anything that she's attached to (yet?!!) but definitely loves to suck her thumb (and it goes back and forth with which one she sucks!) whenever she is feeling sleepy.
  • Girlfriend still loves her mama's milk and prefers it straight from the source!  Ha!  She will nurse whenever I'm home, and then if not she takes anywhere from 10-16oz of breastmilk from a bottle while I'm away.  We've tried her on a sippy cup a few times and she's done great with that!  So hoping to to break the bottle by 10 or 11 months with her so we are bottle free by the time she gets to a year old (just like we did with the older two!).
  • Still a champion sleeper.  Like best kid yet!  Goes down around 7 or 7:30pm every night and then sleeps until 8/9am the next morning!  Takes one nap usually from 12:30/1pm to 3:30/4pm.  She's a rockstar sleeper and, just like every month, I hope it continues and I'm not jinxing it typing this!
  • LOVES food -- has tried so many different kinds of foods this month and really has seemed to like and eat everything that we put in front of her!  Definitely eats table food the most, and will eat baby food pouches here and there as well (especially when we're out and about and on the go!).  Really likes pancakes, bananas, animal crackers, gold fish, strawberries, yogurt, cottage cheese, apple sauce, cheese, chicken nuggets, pasta, and about a billion other things I can't think of right now!  Haha!
  • Still has a few nicknames, one being Annie Banannie which is the reason she is a banana for Halloween!  Sister bear, sissy, and what Rosie and Patrick call her mostly: Baby Annie.
  • Scooter is obsessed with Annie and cannot get enough lick kisses from her everyday!  It is the cutest little thing and I'm sure when he realizes she'll be mobile soon he'll retreat and not be smothering her with kisses anymore.
  • She is SO LOVED by her big brother and sister!  They love playing with her and holding her and kissing her!  They are so good and gentle with her and I know once she is up and moving they were be even more excited to actually be able to "play" with her!  She loves them too and lets out the biggest giggles and laughs whenever they are around!  It truly is the cutest thing EVER!
  • Annie is still so observant and loves watching all that is going on around her!  She definitely prefers to know what's going on and be looking all around and taking everything in.  She's also become interested in watching what's on TV and on Patrick and Rosie's iPad -- especially when Patrick turns Baby Einstein on for her!
Welp, that's about all I've got for 9 months with our little Annie!  Now here's your favorite: comparison pics!

And my personal favorite, all 3 bambinos at 9 months old!

And BONUS this month, since it all fell on the same day: 39 weeks/9 months in vs. 39 weeks/9 months out!  BOOM!

That's it until 10 months my friends!  And you can check out the other two's 9 month blog posts at the links below if your little heart yearns for some comparisons like mine does :)

Patrick at 9 Months               Rosie at 9 Months

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