Oh Baby!

Ahhhh, this little gem is one of a few pics over at Gugu Guru's blog today showing off Baby Bjorn's new carrier (which is oh-so-comfy!) for international babywearing week!

I was so excited I got to test out this new carrier...and even though I love me some Tulas, I really am diggin' this new one from Baby Bjorn!  I think Annie liked being able to be worn facing out and it was so easy to get on AND so comfy to wear!  Plus, I legit was able to snap pictures of the kiddos while wearing it so that was awesome.

A few of these snaps Patrick took himself, which was so cool that he got his snaps used in the blog post too!  Heck, they even tagged his IG page...how sweet is that?!

Anyways, just a little shout out to Gugu Guru for the blog post and Baby Bjorn for making a super awesome carrier we'll definitely be using lots and lots to come!

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