Fall Family Snaps

I haven't been quiet about how flippin' busy I am this fall.  Like doubled booked SO MANY DAYS with shoots!  Yesterday was no exception: I had 2 shoots booked for twilight minis in the late afternoon.

However, one of them called me in the morning and asked to reschedule because her hubby had a late work meeting.  Okay, double booked her for another day.  And then in the early afternoon I got a message that my other one needed to cancel because two of her three kiddos were sick with fevers.  So all of a sudden my super busy night was now not so much!

Mike was off and decided to make his famous chili for dinner and invite his parents over, and then I decided we should attempt to take some family snaps because this may be our only opportunity any time soon and I needed at least one semi-decent family pic for our Christmas card.

So I rounded up the troops, threw together fairly decent last minute outfits, set up my tripod + remote on my iPhone, and off we went!

And, shockingly, we actually got a decent family snap!  I mean, cute, right?!  Minus the fact that Patrick looks like he's about to deck Mike...but yeah, just fine for a Christmas card because EVERYONE IS LOOKING, even Scoots!  WOOT WOOOOOOOOOT!!! So if you see this again on our Christmas card act surprised, okay?!

We got a few other pics too of Mike and I each with the kiddos, which I think these turned out pretty darn cute too!

Although this gem ^^^ might be my most favorite and accurate picture EVER.  Gahhhh, real life my friends!  It makes me giggle every time I see it because it is SO DARN TRUE.  AND ACCURATE.  Nice capture Mike!  haha!

Got a few kiddo snaps too.  Annie wasn't really having pictures last night and I think the other two were mostly over it.  It's SO HARD to do pics after they've been at school all day and are pooped and exhausted...yet that late afternoon light is just the best for pics so I hate not doing them at that time, but that's when most kids (or at least mine!) aren't very cooperative because they're so tired and just done with the day. Gah!  The struggle!

Mike snapped a few pics of me with Annie and I kinda sorta am in love with them.  That second shooter of mine is a keeper, isn't he?!!

Anddddd then a few individual snaps of my relatively cooperative kids and dog before we called it a day.  I feel good about these pics that we got some great snaps AND should be perfect for a Christmas card :)  Oh, and how red does Annie's hair look in that light?! CRAZY!  Kinda the same color as Scoots!  Haha!

Okay, that's all I've got for today.  Have a great one friends...hope you enjoyed our fall family snaps!

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