Puddle Jumpin'

It absolutely POURED today.  Like torrential rain.  I cannot remember the last time it rained like this!  I mean, we totally needed the rain cause everything has been so dry, but yeah, SO MUCH RAIN.

Fortunately my session last night was suppose to be tonight but it got moved a day early because of the rain (smart move on our part!) so I didn't have any sessions booked tonight!  It felt kinda weird because I have been booked so solid lately with so many shoots it was kinda crazy to have a night off!

Welp, once I got home with the big kids from school the rain had pretty much stopped but it was very evident that our driveway is not flat because holy puddles!  I checked the video monitor and Annie was still snoozing so I asked the big kids if they wanted to play in the puddles. 

What do you think their answer was?!!


So I ran inside and grabbed my camera + telephoto lens (so I didn't have to be on top of them for snaps) and I let them splash away for a good 20 minutes while I snap snap snapped!!

This post is a gigantic photo dump.  Sorry.  Not really!  Because gosh, how cute are they?!  And their raw emotions of how much fun they are having playing in the puddles just makes my heart flutter with happiness.  They absolutely loved doing this and Patrick has already asked me if we can do it again soon!

They love each other so much.

GAH! The hand holding!!

I love this pic so much.

Okay, these next few pics just had me DYING.  Patrick was splashing Rosie and she was absolutely LOVING it.  I'm so glad I kept snapping to get some of these gems.

Okay, how's that for a big photo dump for you?!  It truly was a great afternoon and the kiddos had such a fun time.  I'm sure they'll be anxious for another rain storm so they can play in the puddles again!  Perhaps Annie will join in next time...stay tuned :)

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