Okay friends, I have been SO BUSY lately...a large reason because of this and having SOOOO many shoots booked and coming up these next several weeks including 12 mini sessions tomorrow!  HOLY CATS.  So busy!  But a good busy I keep reminding myself.

Anyways, last night after we got home from celebrating my brother Charlie's birthday my Christmas gift I ordered for Mike to give me came and, welp, it isn't making it till Christmas cause OMG!!! A donut jumper!! Seriously, best.thing.ever.  So comfy.  So warm.  I am going to wear it all of the time and love it so!  I have the matching Tula, Annie has this same one in yellow, and Rosie has a hoodie/pants set in this same print...oh you betcha a pic of that will be coming soon!  Just you wait!

And, if you notice in my jumper picture, I also got a new pair of Birkenstocks...you know, just in time for late fall as it gets cold outside.  Lordie Alex, WHERE IS YOUR HEAD?!  Oh well, wearing them today and I love them and they are so comfy.  Good purchase!  And they'll get lots of lovin' in the spring when it gets warmer again. 

Patrick has really been loving school so much lately (he can write his entire name! WOOT!) and he pointed this masterpiece out to me when I picked him up the other day.  He glued all of the blocks together and painted them!  He was quite proud of himself :)

Annie and I had a little photoshoot on the brick path earlier this week before school and gosh isn't she just adorable?!  Her little outfit and inquisitive nature with the grass in between the bricks is just the cutest.

Obviously I couldn't JUST take a video now, could I?!  Here's a few snaps of my littlest lady too for you to enjoy.  I love her Scooter pants!  Yes, Rosie has matching ones too.  Ohhhhh, the matching outfits I've found for these two!  Now if Rosie would just wear them!  Girlfriend REFUSES to wear anything but dresses lately.  I cannot believe I just wrote that.  Who would have thought a daughter of mine would be dress obsessed!

Just making note I survived getting a flu shot this year ^^^ I have tooooo many shoots coming up and cannot afford to get sick!  So, documentation purposes, here ya go.  Flu shot 2017 is good to go.

This little lady has had this raspy cough/congestion for what seems like forever now but it does not stop her from giggling up a storm and laughing hysterically!

So just a cute little raspy laughing fit from Annie for you to make you smile...cause it does for me.

My locker buddy from my senior year in high school, Meredith, found this Wizard of Oz music box and knows how much we love it 'round these parts so she sent it to us and the kids LOVE IT!  They listened to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" play about a thousand times the other night and then Patrick had to snap some pics of Rosie lovin' on it too.  Gosh they are the sweetest!  -- In my totally unbiased opinion :)

Mike made the news again.  I sure wish it would be for something other than a homicide or shooting but, once again, it isn't.  Our poor city.  When will this violence and hatred stop?!!

We have been spending a lot of time lately enjoying NeeNee and Gramp's new deck!  The kids LOVE playing out back and we even ate out there for uncle Charlie's birthday party!  I am so glad it finally got finished (after some permit snafus) and we get to enjoy it now!

These three have a fun weekend planned -- Annie gets to hang with Grandma and Papa for a bit this weekend while I have my mini - sessions, and Patrick and Rosie get to spend the weekend at KiKi's Lake!  I am so happy that we have such awesome family that watches our kiddos while we work -- while I snap and while Mike sleeps from working all night!  Seriously, they are THE BEST.  I cannot thank them enough for all that they do for us!  So if you are reading this: WE LOVE YOU!  Thank you guys so so so much!  We'd be lost without you!

So that's all I've got for today!  Here's a cool pic I snapped of the Angela statue at school the other morning -- love that sun flare around her!  Here's to a great weekend of mini - sessions and nice weather! (Well, on Saturday at least :) Have a great one friends!!!

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