LooksLikeFilm Feature

Remember this pics?!!  Duh.  Of course you do cause I've posted about it about a gajillion times before (here and here).

Anyways, I posted it in this LooksLikeFilm Facebook group and holy cats!  What a reception it got!  50 comments, 1.3k likes, and with that I got asked for it to be featured in the LooksLikeFilm.com daily update! WOOT WOOT!

So on October 19th my pic of Rick & Kathy 1977 vs. 2017 got featured!   Anyways, I'm kinda excited about it...

Anyways, I just had to do a quickie little post here to document and share that!  I actually have another one of my pics being featured next week by them...stay tuned for that one...probably one of my most favorite and accurate pics I've ever taken! Haha!!

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