Lots of Leaves

I literally have photo shoots booked every.single.day. from now until Thanksgiving.  Okay, that's an exaggeration but it sure feels like it!  Seriously, so many shoots!

But I love it and I have loved snapping so many new people lately!  It's been such a blast.

Anyways, tonight I had a session get moved to another date because of a sick kiddo, so I took full advantage of this and put my kids in the matching outfits I got for them way back for pictures and had a quick little impromptu photo shoot in the backyard (the setting of all of my twilight minis).

Shockingly they were all very cooperative and smiley and I just am loving all of the leaves and very fall vibe this picture is giving!  Anyways, here's a gigantic fall photo dump of my three favorite kiddos for you.  Enjoy :)

Huge photo dump huh?!  Anyways, I am totally biased but gosh I've got some cute kiddos!  Have a great weekend friends!

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