Monday Musings...on a Tuesday.

So I totally had the majority of this post typed up last night and for whatever reason I got to editing this ^^ gorgeousssss senior's session and BAM!  I forgot to finish it!  So!  You're getting my Monday musings on this Tuesday morning.  Lucky you!  And I did go back and change the tense and wordings of this post so it wouldn't thoroughly confuse you when you're reading this.

But I was able to toss in this ^^ gem from drop off this morning since I forgot to publish this post last night so luck you!!!  Rosie is making her "silly face" and Patrick is trying to with a mouth of strawberries.  Ha!

Okay!  So after our eventful day on Saturday at Six Flags (which I think I'm still tired from!  Ha!) we had a pretty lazy rest of our weekend.  I mean, I had two photo shoots on Sunday (this one and this one) but besides that we just lounged and it was kinda nice.

Patrick asked to snap some pics of Annie, and, duh, I obliged.  We were working on getting Annie to look at him, hence him making crazy sounds in the video! 

Our next lesson is working on framing and not cutting of limbs when we snap.  Hehehehe!  But dang!  For a 4 year old he's pretty darn good, isn't it?!  I'm so biased but I think so.

He also snapped these ^^ with his iPhone (filter and all!) and had me post them on his Instagram and Facebook pages) -- this kid sure likes taking pics like his mama!  I have a product shoot coming up and I think I'm going to ask Patrick to take the pics for me (because I actually have to be in it!) and hope he hits it out of the park with them!

Patrick FLIPPED OUT on Sunday when KiKi came up to take him for a secret mission in her Mustang!  He had no clue she was bringing that car and got SO EXCITED when she cruised up in it!  It was priceless.  And soooo funny -- cause what 4 year old do you know that gets excited about a car?!  He totally is is father's son.

Sunday night we had dinner outside and it was soooooo nice.  Mostly because Annie didn't get stuff all over the dining room floor -- instead it was on the grass and we didn't have to worry about picking it up!  Secondly, the weather was just perfect (and no bugs! WOOT WOOT!) so we loved having din din outside...I hope we can squeeze in a few more outside dinners before it gets too cold (or dark!).

Yesterday I sent off my 16,200th ounce of mama's milk and Annie helped me snap a pic to celebrate the occasion!  I was hoping to donate 20,000 before I stop pumping this go'round but I don't know if I'll make it there because today marks my first day of only pumping ONCE at work instead of twice.  I just need to start winding my body down now that Annie is older and eating more food and drinking less milk (from a bottle at least...still nurses like crazy when I'm home!).

This is a completely random video but I was kinda annoyed the Snapchat filter did not pick up on Scoots' face!  ANNOYING!  Although this ^^ is my current fave filter and it makes me laugh so dang hard when I see it or see others using it.  So enjoy.  And laugh.

On Monday I was off school (woot!) and the big kids had school so I had a day with just Annie!  It was wonderful...and even better because my college buddy Chelsea came up to hang and go to the Zoo with us -- her daughter Mia who's about 2.5 months older than Annie came too!  Oh what fun we had!

Yep, fun fun fun day we had!  Annie's face in some of these pics cracks me up!  Gosh she's a little ham!

Anyways, that's all I've got for this Monday turned Tuesday post!  And I just remembered Rosie will be 2.5 years old on Friday so I better get to whippin' up a post for her like I did for Patrick at 2.5!  Have a great one friends!!

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