Annie's 'School Pictures'

My mom called me earlier this week asking for a "similar" pic to the big kids' school pics of Annie because she got matching frames and wants to hang them on her wall.

Immediately I knew exactly what I wanted to do: replicate the big kids' school pics with Annie.  I found a similar blue backdrop online, tossed Annie in her Mitz rainbow shirt, grabbed my camera and snapped away.

And I freaking love the result.

Seriously.  Could she be school picture 'posing' any better?!?!  That little smile with her two teeth poking out just KILLS ME!!

I mean, it's not 'exactly' like the big kids but I think it's pretty darn close.  And I could have done a better job of refining the edges around Annie's head and what not but I was just too excited with the result and how it looked close enough so I sent it over to my mom and boom.  She instantly printed it and hung it up!

So cute, huh?!  Annie's color was a bit off so I actually sent it over to my print lab to have it printed and sent to her so it'd match the big kids more.

Anyways, I am just loving how Annie's 'school pictures' turned out!  She is just a little ham and I just love how she with her big siblings!

And here are a few outtakes of her shoot too.  That top left one of her laughing just SLAYS me! 

Anyways, have a great one friends!  Happy Friday!!

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