Halloween 2017

You know I love me some traditions!

Check out 2014, 2015, and 2016's posts for a walk down memory lane if you'd like.

But I've got for you 2017's Halloween blog post on this final day of October!  I should be going to bed BUT of course instead I'm bloggity blogging for you all about our Halloween adventures this year.

I had to immediately throw ^^^ this gem at you.  Golly, aren't they the cutest??!?!  We snapped a few quick backyard pics in their costumes before heading out for dinner and trick or treating.

And, duh, let's just toss this 2013 - 2017 comparison snap your way right now cause it is freaking adorable and I cannot believe this was Patrick's FIFTH Halloween!!  Gosh that went so quick.  I feel like he was just a little cop and now he's less than a year away from starting kindergarten! GAH!  Time, you are such a thief.

Anywayyyyssss.  Today was a good Halloween!  One for the books!  It started off with Annie's 9 month check-up and flu shots for the big kids and ended with everyone in a sugar coma!  Haha!

Honestly the day was uneventful; the kids didn't dress up for school (they did wear festive Halloween colors but that's it) but had a great time it seemed cause they both were chatty cathys when I picked them up!

We hustled home, I made a milk drop (up to 17,100oz lifetime donation!!) and then we saddled the kiddos up in their costumes for a few quick snaps before we kept with our yearly tradition of trick-or-treating with our buddies the Rosenbergers!

First off, can we all die laughing at Rosie's poses?!  Seriously, that girl KILLS ME!  And Annie is the cutest banana EVER.  And Patrick! GAH!  What a knight in shining armor indeed!  And my little bull Scoots.  Love this crew.

We then packed up and headed over to the Rosenbergers where we met the grandmas!  My mom and Robyn's mom were high school besties and college roomies and they had so much fun watching the babies for us while we took the big kids out to trick-or-treat!

Of course we had to get some group snaps...

Which I'm pretty freaking happy with how these pics turned out! 

And that Patrick didn't drop Annie down the steps.  Haha!

Our crew grew by two from last year to this year!  So much fun.  I love our trick-or-treating tradition!!

It just so happened (seriously.  Total coincidence!) that Sheldon was a monkey and Annie was a banana and it was just perfect and I love the pics we got of them!  Just the cutest! I hope they grow up to be buddies just like their mamas!

I should note it was freaking freezing, like 40 degrees BEFORE the sun went down and yeah, COLD.  We trick or treated throughout the neighborhood but after a solid 60+ minutes we waved our white flags and called it a day and headed home.

The kids totally cleaned up with their trick or treating and got so much candy...a lot of which I'll be 'borrowing' for my own consumption reallll soon.

Anyways, it was a wonderful Halloween and I cannot wait to see what 2018 has in store for this crew!  Adios October, it's been real!  Now it's time to get in the turkey spirit and then soon after the Christmas one!!!

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