Annie at 2 Years Old

I cannot CANNOT believe our Annie girl is TWO!  TWO YEARS OLD!

I seriously am having major denials with this chickadee of mine turning TWO today!  It just seems so old to me and I feel like she is forever like 6 months old.  And maybe because when the others two turned I had a fresh newborn to distract me, and since I don't think time I'm even more hyper-focused on my littlest lady turning two!

Keeping with tradition we did a little two year old photoshoot...which, yikes, we froze a bit for with this silly January weather!  Sorry Annie girl...needed to get a few shots in!

Annie had a great time at her birthday party this past Sunday -- she loved her Muppet Babies cake and got some great prezzies from her aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents!

We don't go back to the doc until Monday for her 2 year checkup, so for now, like always, you'll have to endure the mom stats!

  • Ballparkin' it here, but Annie weighs a little over 27 pounds (a whopping 6.5 pounds less than Rosie at 2!!)...and no clue how tall she is, I'd guess around 31 or 32 inches (we'll see Monday!).  She's definitely our smallest kiddo at 2!
  • Annie wears mostly 24mo/2T clothes.  There are still some 18-24mo clothes that fit her but mostly 2T stuff fits the best. 
  • Annie wears a size 4.5 in shoes...she has the SMALLEST FEET EVER!  She finally has big enough feet to get toddler size shoes which are easier to find thankfully.
  • Her 2 years molars have started to come through on both the top and bottom!  Maybe that explains her whiney-ness allllll of the time lately?!
  • Starting the terrible twos early it seems -- haha!  Annie is definitely SUPER DUPER whiney, especially when she doesn't get her way.  Her favorite phrases as of late are, "uh-uh!!!" and "don't want to!!" so that's been super fun to deal with.  Mike and I both said we don't remember either of the other kiddos being this whiney or 'no!' with things at this age.
  • Does.not.stop.talking.  She is such a chatterbox and really talks SO WELL!  If she gets going we don't really understand what she's saying, but she really does say most things so well.  You can have a conversation with her and she understands EVERYTHING you say too.  Her vocabulary seems to explode
  • Absolutely LOVES to swim!  Is definitely the little fish of the family and is just fearless in the water!  Cannot wait to see how she does this summer when she's closer to 2.5!
  • Potty training -- she says she has to go potty, wants to sit on the potty, but doesn't actually do anything.  Just like with the big kids, I'm not pushing it with her...although this summer when she's 2.5, right around when Rosie potty trained, we may give it a go just to get her out of diapers before she starts 2s preschool in August!  Stay tuned for that!
  • Just like her big brother and sister, is a thumb sucker!  Definitely does it when she's tired and sleepy, and it's the cutest thing EVER.  Has to sleep with her Purple Bunny, which is her lovey that she's had since shortly after she was born.  She LOVES that thing!
  • Still a great sleeper!  Takes one 2-3 hour nap a day right after lunch and usually goes to bed around 8pm and sleeps till around 8am or so.  She still holds the title for best Mooney kid sleeper and we are oh-so-happy about that!
  • Annie is OBSESSED with her iPad!  She LOVES watching Muppet Babies and the other crazy stuff she finds on YouTube Kids on it.  She knows how to navigate it so well and can find her favorite shows in a heartbeat.  It definitely holds her attention very well!
  • Bribes: ehhhh, I remember writing with Rosie at 2 that bribing her worked like a charm.  Ehhh, not so much with this chick.  They work sometimes...other times, she is SO SO SO stuck in her ways and so bullheaded that no sucker bribe touches her.  She's a determined little thing!
  • Loves loves LOVES her Papi and Rosie more than anything.  And they love her!  Their relationship is just the best, and although it hurts my heart that right now Annie doesn't have a little brother coming along to develop that bond with, I take comfort in that she's got two amazing older siblings who look out for her and love playing with her more than anything!!  Maybe one day she'll get to fill that big sister role with a little brother or sister here on earth with her instead of one looking down from heaven.
  • LOVES to read books, and LOVES to have them read to her!  She can sit and just listen to book after book being read to her!  I think her favorite person to have books read to her is Grandma...I think she senses that former librarian in her! HAHA!
  • Speaking of favorite people, Annie LOVES her uncles and grandpas the most.  (And daddy, too :) She really loves the guys in her family and if Uncle Charlie walks into the room, she goes crazy (must be the beard!) and just wants him!  I mean, it's pretty much the same with any of her uncles, Gramps, Papa...any of the guys!  She loves her men!! HAHA!
  • Annie is obsessed with shoes -- LOVES picking them out and taking them off, putting them back on (trying), and then finding a bigger pair of her siblings or one of Mike/my's shoes and putting them on and walking around!  She is so darn funny!  And particular!  She will have a full on meltdown if she doesn't have the right shoes on! HAHA!
  • Annie will start 2s preschool three full days a week come August...just like Rosie did!  She is absolutely ready for this and we cannot wait for her to go to the same school her big siblings did and all of the wonderful things she'll learn there!  
  • Annie is such an opinionated little lady, but SO SO SO sweet too.  Her little personality is unmatched by anyone I know and she is an absolute HOOT in the things she does!  She cracks me up daily and I'm so proud to be her mama! 
So that's about all I've got for our littlest lady Annie at TWO!  I still cannot believe my youngest (here with us) is TWO YEARS OLD!  What a year she's had...and I cannot wait to see what kind of year she has to come!  We love you some much Annie girl!

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