Annie's 2nd Birthday Shenanigans

Ahhh, what a day for our Annie girl to turn TWO!

I know I posted earlier, but I CANNOT CANNOT BELIEVE she is TWO.  It just feels so old to have my youngest (here with us) being TWO and no newborn at home or on the way.  It's just crazy.

She went to sleep ^^ last night as a one year old and woke up as a two year old!  Cannot believe it.  And you're gonna hear that a billion times in this post.  Also Annie girl graduated to having a pillow in her bed so she's basically a teenager.

We had plans to do some solo stuff with Annie today since Mike was off...butttttt, the big kids' schools got a snow day because of the cold and icky roads so we ended up having a family fun day instead! WOOT!  So instead of having to do presents and such when the big kids got home, we were able to do them after breakfast!  I think the big kids were the most excited. HAHA

She clearly was THRILLED about her big dog -- which I keep calling a bear and it most definitely IS A DOG.  HAHA.  She then, with the help of her big brother and sister tore into her presents!  She got new boots, a few new outfits, a water baby (remember those?!?!), a wooden food truck, and some new cars for her big toy uncle Ben and aunt Erin got her!

She was super thrilled with all of her new presents...and I think Patrick and Rosie were too. 

We did a quick costume change to get dressed for the day and JUST HAD TO put her in her new shirt uncle Charlie got her!  I thought it was freaking hysterical because it is SUCH a STL thing to ask where someone went to high the preschool comment just makes me laugh even harder.

Gosh she's a hoot.  And I freaking love that shirt soooooo much!

So I always text my OB a throwback pic of the girls on their birthdays since she delivered them with a little thank you plug for bringing my babies into the world...and today I was like OMG Annie's side eye game has been strong since birth!  So naturally threw this together and have not stopped laughing since.

Seriously.  I can't handle it her side eye is just ahhhhh-mazing!!!

So since the big kids were off school we decided to hit up water waddlers at the pool (again...we did that yesterday with Annie too).  I actually met Mike and the kiddos there because I had to run up to MoBap for pictures, but since I did meet them there I had my camera with me for once soooooo indoor pool snaps happened!

They had a BLAST.  And promptly took 3 hour naps (well not Patrick) once we got home. YASSSSS!!

The dog is definitely an obsession around here.  I wish there would have been 2 I could have unstuffed one and made it a costume for Patrick since he seems to fit perfectly in it. haha

Anyways once everyone got up from siesta time we packed up the car and headed to Annie's choice for dinner: MOD PIZZA!

Which she clearly was super duper excited about and promptly devoured most of her pizza (definitely all of the sausage and cheese toppings!!).

Patrick and Rosie begged for ice cream but it was 20 degrees out and I just couldn't do it so we came home for dessert instead.

Which mom of the year here forgot to get a cake or cupcakes or anything (oops) so we instead did birthday cake...Oreos.  They didn't seem to mind at all!

Oh Annie girl, what a wonderful 2nd birthday you had!!  After birthday Oreos we did baths and bedtime and all three of them promptly crashed...and mama here is about to follow suit!  It was a great day for all, and I cannot believe our littlest lady is TWO!  I cannot wait to see what two and most of 2019 has in store for this girl.  Love you so much Annie...keep doing you sister bear!!

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