I have one single resolution for 2019...and it's two simple words:


2018 ended in such a shit way.  But man, did we have a crazy outpouring of love and support and people being so generous and giving in the things they sent us, dropped off, emailed/text and so much more to help us through the hard times of the past few months.

And I've decided 2019 is going to be the year I give back.  And one way I feel like I'm good at giving is by capturing memories for people.  Obviously starting Thursday this is MY ONLY JOB (omg!!) so I can't just do this job for free now (cause the bills gotta get paid!) but I want to use what I'm good at to give back to people who need it...just as we did these past few months with those helping us.

So 2019 will be my year of giving back -- paying it forward essentially -- with my camera.  Doing a few more session giveaways, yes...but also reaching out to families who're going through the toughest most challenging time they'll ever go through: losing a child.  We've been there oh so recently, and know just how hard it is.  But we also know just how valuable those photos are that we had done with that now, 2 months past his birth, we know just how important they are and how we can never ever get that time back to do them.  I want to spend time in 2019 giving back to those who are in similar situations and providing them with photographs that they can actually hold and look at while their little one lives on being held in their hearts.

Clark's memory is living on through me, and I want to use it to give back.

"Captures for Clark" is what this will be for me this those families a memory to hold on to and using my little guy as inspiration and motivation to do this -- and give back -- to others.  And who knows, maybe this little thing will snowball into more...but for now, I want to pay it forward, give back to others the best way I know how to do: through my lens.  So that maybe, just maybe, their tough times and struggles will be made a little less with some incredible images captured to forever hold their memories in pictures.

2019: I like you already.  Can't wait to see what else you have in store.

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