Eternal Struggle

One of my biggest struggles with taking pictures is this: BLACK AND WHITE OR COLOR.  It truly is an eternal struggle for me.

Sometimes pictures just SCREAM at me that they should be definitely in color...or sometimes the opposite scream that they should in black and white.  But sometimes, like Annie girl above, I love them both and cannot flippin' decide which ones I like!  Oh so indecisive I am! HA!

When my clients book me for photos I always give them the pic in both color and black and white.  This actually takes me double as long to edit since I edit every pic in color and then go back and edit again in black and white.  But sometimes, like with Annie above, you just need the pic in both!  So I like letting my clients be able to choose which one they prefer...or if they choose to prefer both!  So clients, if any of you are reading this, I hope you are happy getting both to pick from :)

I use to be a huge fan of black and white only birth snaps...and while I still like a lot of them in black and white, there are some than mannnnnn just speak to me in color.

Like these just HAD TO be in color.  I like the black and white ones too, but man, the color ones are just rich with details and I love them so.

BUT, on the contrary, these couple in black and white are lightyears more powerful than their color counterparts.

HOWEVER, what I see isn't necessarily always what the client sees (or prefers...I have had clients who hate black and white no matter what, and that's fine!!) therefore that's why I always like giving both options.

Anyways, that's my little photography struggle/walk down picture lane for you today...hope you've enjoyed that :)  And I want you to know I had about a billion pics I could have shared here but I really REALLLLLLLY limited it for you.  You are welcome :)

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