Scooter Crew...or Scooter's Crew?

It's a very valid question.

Scooter crew?!  Or Scooter's Crew?!?!  I mean, can't it be both?!?!  We're gonna go with both.  My Scooter-lovin' crew had a blast at the park this morning.

It was a lovely 50+ degrees and partly sunny and we just had the best time!  Our buddies the Moffats (who I sadly got like zero pics of while they were there...I was too busy chatting with Courtney) joined us for a bit and the kids had a blast playing with them.

When they left we stayed at the park for a bit longer and I of course busted out my camera.  HOWEVER, my favorite pic from the park was this iPhone one of Annie...

Oopsy daisy.  I was capturing her scootin' along so darn cute and literally after I clicked this pic (below) this one ^^^ happened!  Woops.

She was totally fine by the way...cause clearly she got right back on!

The kids favorite part is in the woods with the rocks, so we were there for a bit with them building and creating things before we headed back home for lunch and naps.

Of course I came up with the idea for a group pic, and welp, we tried.

HA!  I love it though.

Anyways, that's all I've got from Scooter's crew on this Sunday afternoon...hope everyone has a wonderful week!  I cannot believe tomorrow marks my first official week of SOLO PHOTOGRAPHER-ING!  School starts back for Ursuline tomorrow but I WON'T BE THERE AND I AM SO FREAKING HAPPY ABOUT IT!  Cheers 2019, you're off to a great start.  Thanks Clark man for that :)

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