January is such a drab month.  Especially in STL, cause it can be 68 one day and then 35 and windy and freezing with 5+ inches of snow in the forecast the next.  Super fun and super bipolar weather. YEE HAW.

Anywaysssss, I've been a bit obsessed as of late with my new camera and lens...like I can't stop whipping it out for pics.  I mean, can you blame me?!  It's like my tech crack and I just.can't.quit.  It's addicting.  SO ADDICTING.  Cannot wait to use it soon on an actual session and not just my kiddos (are you sick of seeing them yet?!?)...but until then, this is what you get: a photo dump of the Januaryness of the Mooney fam.  So exciting, eh?!?

Annie and I have been getting to spend a LOT of time together and it's been AWESOME.  Errand running, park playing, lunch having...it's been great.  And duh, I brought along my camera with me to document our adventures.

Girlfriend LOVES Target (#raisethemright). What's funny is I'd put my camera away and she'd say, "Picture? Take picture?" So duh, I'd whip that sucker back out and take another one.  Who am I to deny an almost 2 year old's request?!?!?

In the parking lot I made her stand up the cart (I had my foot on the bottom so it wouldn't roll away) and get some pics with the receipt showing how much stuff we went in and bought that weren't on our list.  ALWAYS FREAKING HAPPENS THAT WAY, DOESN'T IT?!?!

Since it was nice-ish out we hit up the park with our buddies...and boy was it WINDY!

SO WINDY!  But she didn't seem to mind...she enjoyed her banana snack and playing on the playground before lunch with her boyfriend -- errr, I mean friend -- Oliver.

She had a BLAST at the park!  And isn't her little sweater the cutest?!  18 month size and still fits perfectly.  Best $2 swap purchase EVER!

I mean, Annie is kinda smitten with Ollie.  It's so damn cute!

For some reason this post is Annie heavy with some sprinklings of Patrick.  Not sure where Rosie went off to (sorry chickadee) but how freaking cute are Patrick and Annie?!?!  Patrick says all of the time, "Mommy, I just cannot handle how cute Annie is!" And it melts my heart.  He loves his little sisters SO FREAKING MUCH.

Gosh they kill me. SO MUCH. 

Anywho, that's all I've got for this all over ramblin' photo dumpin' post.  Kinda my jam lately, huh?!  I really REALLY need to get started on Annie's 2nd year book and compiling some fun things for her 2 year blog post too.  Ahhhh, so much to do.  Ha!  Anyways, have a good one friends!!!

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