Then & Now

I am such a sucker for then and now pictures.  There's been a trend going around social media lately where you post your first ever profile pic and your one a then and now.  While I haven't done mine (cause boring) it did inspire me to do some then and now shares from my photography journey.

I started taking pictures almost 6 years ago...and looking back on some of my first shoots, OHHHH BOYYYY.  How I have grown.  What I have learned.  What leaps and strides I've taken with my setups, captures, equipment, editing, and post-processing.  And I'm not done now is not my forever.  I hope to continue to grow and learn and cannot wait to to see where I am 6 years from now!  Because this is MY JOB right now -- my only job, I am officially my own boss and I couldn't be happier.  Top/left is then (2013-2014ish), and bottom/right is now (end 2017-now).

And looking back on how far I've come (and huge thank yous to these first friends/clients who let me snap their pictures and supported me...because without them I couldn't have grown, learned what I have, and gotten better) I am amazed with my growth.  We all start somewhere, and I am grateful to my beginnings and where it's gotten me now!  Forever and ever grateful for this journey and career of mine :)

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