Life and Loss and Postpartum {LOOKSLIKEFILM}

A few weeks ago I shared ^^^ this pic with this post, and I also shared my pic on my own social media as well as in a photography group (the same one who named me one of the best family photogs of 2018).  It was met with very positive support and immediately I got contacted by one of the admins behind LooksLikeFilm who asked me to write a blog post to go along with the image.

And I did just that.

I'm sharing that post from LooksLikeFilm today for you...because it's raw, and real, and all about life and loss and postpartum...and even though I should be blogging today about Clark's arrival in a month, instead I am 12.5 weeks postpartum and really REALLY consumed (I'm guessing as we draw closer to his expected arrival date) about my little guy and all that happened last fall.

Even as the days draw deeper past Clark's arrival, I'll never stop sharing about him, celebrating him, reflecting on our experiences and our story for as long as I live.  Miss you every single second of every single day little buddy.  Love you so so so much.

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