Snaps and Birthdays and 100th Day

Let's see, where to start, where to start?!!  This post is gonna be allllll over the place btw.  I warned you :)

Last week Patrick celebrated his 100th day of kindergarten!  To say he was excited for it would be an understatement...he literally COULD NOT WAIT to go to school!

Obviously we had to do a little photo shoot before he went off to school in his '100' shirt...that I got from Amazon.  Thank you very much.  Mom here was feeling extra lazy so I found a cool one online that he could wear over and over again for like $10 and DONE.  Purchased!

He came home that day with a cool hat he made and told us all about the different '100' activities they did all day long!  I think he had a blast!

While Patrick was at his 100th day of school, it was actually NeeNee's birthday!  So we celebrated allllllll day long with her! 

And since my brother Ben is officially moved back to STL (woot!!), he joined us too!!

First up was MOD for lunch...her favorite!!

After lunch at MOD, we all went home for naps and then after school pickups and getting Mike up, we then headed off to celebration #2 of the day for NeeNee: Mexican!

Clearly NeeNee, and the kids too!!, had a blast celebrating her birthday this year.  We are so so so lucky to call her ours and so lucky to have celebrated another year (yay #63!) with her!  Can't wait to see what this year has in store for her!

On Friday morning Patrick woke up circa 3:30am with some tummy issues...I'll spare you sharing the snap I took of the incident and sent to Mike...but yeah, not fun.  So even though he was totally fine right afterwards I kept him home from school with Annie and I and we got a lot of movie watchin' in and then, when the tylenol kicked in, some snappin' time!

Patrick asked to use my camera and, duh, who am I to deny him!??  He snapped for a few minutes before he declared my camera was 'too heavy' so I took over snappin' then.  But man, I LOVE these pics he got of Annie and I!!

I then snapped some pics in there too of Patrick and Annie, cause, why not?!?!

I had someone tag me in a FB post asking to see my camera gear...soooooo, duh, I had to get it out and snapped this:

And would you believe that's minus a camera body and lens I just sold?!??!  HOLY ADDICTION ALEX!  But man, so worth it...I love my snappin' babies so much and loooooove everything they've captured for me over the years...and years to come!  So yes, I admit I have an addiction but it is SO WORTH IT.

I ordered a custom stone for Scooter's final resting place and it came in I put it out back where he is buried.  The kids have some rocks they are going to paint and decorate that we'll put out there too with it so he's got some creative company too :)

Still addicted to my collages...

Had ^^ this newborn this morning (geez baby fever is hitting so hard!) and she was just a little angel!!

We then messed around for a bit before heading to my great aunt Anita (Goose's sister)'s 90th birthday party!  The kids clearly had a blast...loved all of the sugar.

And friends, that's about all I've got for this riveting Saturday evening update!  We have Annie's 2nd birthday party tomorrow (still in denial she'll be TWO on Thursday!!) so I'm sure I'll have another post soon allllll about that.  Anyways, I hope everyone is staying warm...have a good one my friends!!

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