Collage Crazy

My amazing friend and fellow photog Victoria introduced me to this amazing new collage creator earlier this week (Blog Stomp) and

So I have made my fair share of collages before...I always manually did them in Photoshop which was fine but holy time consuming.  It'd take me nearly an hour to do one.  SO SO SO LONG.  Which is why I didn't do them a ton because who has time for that?!??!?! 

But now, with this amazing program I can make one in like 2 seconds.  TWO SECONDS.  It's awesome.  I pick out the pics I want included, import, and BOOM.  Done.  I can customize how I want them arranged and everything and it is SO AWESOME.

Yeah, I obviously went back and 'played' with this amazingness with some past sessions.  And I am really REALLY hooked. 

So I blog every.single.session. I share on social media...and I always would upload the teaser pics as a gallery grid to my blog post.  Welp, now I'm thinking I may just upload one of these collages instead (quicker! faster!) and leave it at that and if they want to see the big images separately they can see them on Facebook or Instagram.

Another reason I went back and created collages for so many sessions is because I popped them in an album on my phone, so when a potential client wants to see a quick sampling of a birth, fresh 48, in-home newborn, maternity, twilight mini, family session or any other session I offer, I can just send them that!  Or when someone posts an ISO on Facebook looking for a photographer I can insert a collage super quick and easy to show a sampling of my pics.  Yes, they can go see them on Facebook or my website, but hot dang this is so much faster for them to see!

Anyways, wanted to share my collage craziness with you.  Cannot wait to use this for all of my upcoming sessions that I share!  I just love finding new tools to showcase my work but hopefully elevate my work to the next level...cause, I mean seriously, how classy do these look!?!?!  I'm biased but they look pretty darn good :)

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