Willow Pump Review

I've blogged a few pump reviews before over on my pumping tales page, and I figured I needed to bloggity blog all about the Willow Pump too!

A little backstory here: this amazing company donated this pump to me for free after Clark's sleeping arrival at 22 weeks (read more about that here).  I wanted to pump and donate to honor my little guy and was furious that my insurance company at the time wouldn't cover a breast pump for still births.  I vented on social media, and Willow reached out to send me a pump.  I was (and still am!) so eternally grateful for them!

I do want to note that this is not a sponsored post...even though they sent me this pump for free, there were no strings attached for blog posts or anything in exchange for it...so these are my completely unbiased opinions below!  If I hated it I wouldn't be sharing about it...nor would I have been bound to do so!

Okay!  So this pump -- it's freaking amazing, and unlike any pump I've ever used (and I have used my fair share of them!).  The biggest, most awesome part of it is that it's 100% wire-free, hands-free, and portable.  This.is.a.game.changer. for a busy, on-the-go mom.  I have used it to pump in the car, pump during a birth (not kidding, I was leaning over mom getting some shots of brand new baby snuggles and mom looked up at me and was like, "What is that humming?!" haha!), pump while making dinner -- you name it, I did it!  And what's cool is you don't have to be tight and upright to pump...you can literally pump at any angle!  It's so awesome!  It syncs with an app on your phone and you just pump away and the app tells you how much milk you've gotten, how long you've been pumping, what stage of the pump session you're in (stimulation vs. expression), etc...

And it keeps all of this logged and nice and handy and accessible whenever in your app.  Pretty darn cool.

I thought I'd make a little PRO and CON chart for easy referencing for you guys.  I guess the biggest thing I want to emphasize is that this pump is a perfect portable, on the go pump.  But I wouldn't use it for your only, everyday every use pump.  When I was using it I would still pump with my Spectra S2 in the mornings and evenings (or anytime I could just sit still for 15 minutes and pump while I played on my phone. HAHA!

small, portable, lightweightmake sure it's charged -- can't use it if the batteries are dead
4 pieces: pump, flange, tubing, bagonly comes with one charger, so plan charging accordingly!
keeps track of all of your pumping on the appnot recommended for use for everyday pumpings
quick easy setup and cleaningcan only pump into Willow bags
can control suction intensitybags only hold 4oz; have to change out if you pump more
very quietcan't control suction speed or stimulation/expression mode
fits in your normal bra; no special pumping bra necessary can't see what you're actually pumping (see below picture!)
great output for a portable pump, no noticeable decrease in production as compared to the Spectra S2

So there's my pros and cons for this pump.  Yes, lots of cons listed but truly I think the pros -- and the one big pro of portability! -- far outweigh the cons! 

Also, I want to add that as far as output/production wise, it is super super comparable to what I got out with my Spectra pump.  I didn't notice a significant difference between the two as far as output wise...because when I pumped midday with my Spectra I got nearly the exact same amount I got out the next day with my Willow!

I will say, one of the cons I listed above was that you can't see what you're pumping...exhibit A:

I was in the shower one night and dropped my razor and it sliced my nip...which I got to stop bleeding.  Well, I then went to pump shortly afterwards and I guess opened it back up and I pumped out strawberry milk! HAHA!  I didn't notice until I was done pumping.  So one downside.

Otherwise, I freaking LOVE this pump.  My pumping journey is on hiatus for now...if/when we decide to have another kiddo I'll be busting these bad boy out again.  Until then, I cannot CANNOT recommend it enough!  Well worth the out of pocket price tag in my opinion if you're an on the go mom pumper like me!!

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