We have gotten SO MUCH SNOW -- like a foot at least -- in the past 24 hours.  INSANE!

But before I delve into a massive photo dump (sorry) of snow pics, I want to remind you that it was almost 70 degrees not even a week ago...and here we are with over a foot of white stuff on the ground.  Oh STL weather, you are so crazy.

First off, Nugget pitch (again).  WE LOVE OUR NUGGETS SO MUCH.  They are seriously the best and the kids have endless hours of fun with them.  Earlier last week they made a couch slide.  I know it's going to result in an ER trip but whatever, it'll be worth it cause look at how much fun they're having!

Seriously.  Endless fun.  And I love that they've got one in the basement too that they do play with alllll of the time...I mean, if they can find it underneath the bomb of toys that has gone off down there.

So just a day or so ago the kids were outside WITHOUT COATS ON.  Now, it was chilly and this was partially my fault for not catching it before they ran out to play as the sun was setting, but it was definitely doable for them and they didn't complain.  And it's nuts cause as I sit here typing this it's like an arctic tundra out there!  I am loving that slowly but surely every day we are getting more and more light and the sun isn't setting too ridiculously early...gosh I'm excited for spring and all that it will include!

The forecast was pretty accurate this week: snow predicted on Friday into Saturday, and a lot of it.  The girls and I Friday morning dropped Patrick off at school and decided to go to the grocery store with literally everyone else in STL.

They clearly had a blast.  I did not.  I hate crowds.  And I totally forgot to get some things too so that was annoying cause I'll have to venture back out tomorrow...or Monday when hopefully everyone is back at work.

Anywayssssss, we got home and unloaded, played, ate lunch, and then right before naps Rosie and I noticed it was starting to snow!

This ^^^ may be one of my most favorite pictures EVER of her.  Birdboxin' catchin' those snowflakes in her mouth. HAHA!

Ro and I snapped a few other pics before heading off to nap time.

After nap Mike and Patrick got home and it had already snowed A out we went!

Clearly they had a the like 15 minutes we were out there before it got dark. haha.

This morning as soon as the kids got up they wanted to play in the 12+ inches of snow...and so did I!  I actually had THREE (woot!) snow minis booked so I traded off snapping those back and forth with playing with the kids in the snow.  My mom even came over for some snow fun too...which the kids LOVED.

That's about all of the snowy fun we had today!  Everyone (and I mean EVERYONE!) took nice long post-snow naps today before enjoying pizza and basement playtime before bed. 

I'll leave you with my new most favorite picture of the fierceness of color and black and white.  Anyone wanna challenge her to a snowball fight?!?! HAHAHAHA! Have a good rest of your weekend friends!

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