Ahhh, a fun-filled little weekend 'round these parts!  And truly it's Saturday night and we've still got 2 days left (thank you MLK day!) but I figured I'd do a little bloggity blogging about what we've been up to lately.

So I'm sure you read my post from the middle of last week...I'm still reeling with this and a few responses to it in regards to the community there and gah, just not what I freaking needed.  I do SO appreciate all of the love and support (from the vast majority!) which is amazing, but the few comments I got, without going into super detail, about it have just made me really REALLY appreciate bidding that place farewell and working for myself.  I'm gonna stop myself now otherwise I'll just keep going and I'm sure you don't want to hear me rambling about that right now :)

Onto happier things...this girl.  My goodness, her giggle is so infectious!!!  I could listen to it allllll day long.

Gosh she kills me!  Never lose that Annie girl!

And how about her talking here about wanting to call KiKi and then her favorite show!  Gosh she is just too cute!!

The other night at Culver's it was Princess and Superhero night.  Of course Rosie had dance so she and I missed it BUT we had to do some snaps of their outfits (which Ro threw on her princess dress for it!).  Patrick told me Indiana Jones is most definitely a superhero in his book.  I agree.

I should probably invest in a second Indiana Jones costume for when this one goes missing...or wears out.  Off to Amazon I go....

We picked Patrick up from school on Friday (he had a half day) and the girls were his own little cheering section for him when he ran out!  It was so darn cute.

Patrick got the entire Harry Potter series for Christmas, so we started reading book 1 earlier this week and he's hooked!  We just read 5-10 pages a night but he's LOVING IT thus far.  Hope he turns into a little book worm!

Rosie has been OBSESSED lately with me taking her picture.  Like no objections when I suggest it, but more times than not she's the one who suggests having her picture taken!  My photographer's heart is so happy to hear her say that.

Oh Ro.  Please never EVER stop doing this!

On Friday I got asked to go speak to a middle school class about photography and how I made it a career.  It was actually super fun (got to wear my new shirt!) and I got to show off some of my most favorite snappies to them too.

On Friday night we hit up the pool and I brought my GoPro, something I hadn't done in ages.  And I think I remember why I don't bring it -- holyyyyy dark grainy pictures batman!  Oh well, memories, right?! 

Patrick was OBSESSED with taking it and recording what he was doing (down the slide, jumping off of the edge, playing in the waves) so naturally it was worth it just for those videos of his cute little self.

Gosh he's cute.

Also, look at his muscles!

Echoing my eternal struggle post from last week, IT IS SO HARD TO DECIDE WHAT EDIT I LIKE!!  She was telling me she was cold, and I feel like they all work for that!

RIGHT?!?!? So hard to decide!  The struggle is REALLLLLL.

So I'll conclude this random little happening post with the three shoots I did today!  It was a busy day: family session, Fresh 48, and cake smash!  But a great day indeed.  I've got 12 minis tomorrow that I'm going to freeze my tail off for but they'll be awesome and worth it.  Stay tuned to my photog FB if you wanna see them in the days to come.

Have a great rest of your weekend friends!!

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