January Sun

Today was another good day.  I got THREE birth inquiries and TWO other family shoot inquiries.  Even if none of them book, it's still making me super happy that I am getting these coming through my inbox.  Today Ursuline was back at school for the first day of second semester and I wasn't there...so it is really REALLY real that I'm doing this solo.  And if today was an indication of how things are going to go with inquiries (and hopefully bookings!) I am feeling pretty darn good.  I actually revamped my birth stories promo collage ^^^ tonight...it use to be in black and white but this year we're going color and I love it SO.  So I wanted to share it with you :) 

Man, today was wild...started off rainy and icky (but still about 50) and ended sunny and near 70! SO CRAZY!

The kiddos got color changing umbrellas for Christmas and got to test them out today before school and THEY LOVED THEM...clearly. ha!

After I dropped the kiddos off at school Annie and I got a lot of errands done which she was clearly thrilled about tagging along with me.

With a lovely MOD date with my mom and Janet to cap it off before nap time.

I got a lovely surprise a day early...my new lens came!

It's a massively huge beast and I FREAKING LOVE IT.  It's next to the lens it's replacing and holy cow what a tank!  I don't have a photoshoot (thanks to a reschedule on Wednesday) booked until Saturday sooooo I had to take advantage of some play time with it today after school and low and behold the wonderful sun poked out for me to snap some pics of the kiddos playing.  Gosh I freaking love our street. 

Man.  First off my subjects are adorable and they sure loved not having to wear jackets.  But secondly, this lens is sharppppp.  And it is a beast.  And awesome.  and I freaking love it so so SO much!  Definitely worth the upgrade.  Man I can't wait to use it for a shoot AND a birth hopefully soon!!! EEEKKKK!

Patrick is killing it ^^^ on the bike by the way.  Stopping still is a struggle but he'll get there.  Dang I'm proud of him.

Anywho, that's about all we were up to today.  The sun and warm weather was a treat and felt so good to break up the January monotony.  Happy Monday friends...have a good week :)

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