Target Adventuring

Annie and I have had some adventures this week!!  We braved the chilly temps for a morning at the Zoo and then earlier in the week we adventured to Target...

Which, DUH, I brought along my camera!  You know I love me some 'real life' snaps and I think these epitomize them to a T.

I'm also still on my collage craze so had to throw that little number together ^^^ which is pretty cool, right?!?!

Annie wanted out of the cart sooooo, I took advantage of a not-so-crowded aisle and let her push the cart and crawl on and under it and just be herself.  I'm sure we got some stares but YOLO and also I stopped caring a long time ago what people think about me so snap snap snappppppy I went!

Annie also wanted to ride underneath the cart as our impromptu photoshoot was done sooooo I let her and I got this little video of her feet and it's just the cutest thing ever.

Summarizes childhood perfectly I think.

Anyways, just another photo dump from our Target adventuring...which clearly we both LOVED!

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