Day One.


Today was day one of being a full-time photographer.  No longer will I write 'teacher' as my profession when filling out that occupation question on will forever now be photographer.

And I am SO SO SO excited about it.

I will add that I immediately thought of my most favorite TV show EVER, ER, a lot today.

The second episode ever was titled 'Day One' and I can't help but think my Day One was kinda similar.  Not really in the plot, but more so the scope of the entire show.  So many brand new faces and characters in that episode that kind of sort of know what they're doing...but then fast-forward to 15 amazing seasons and big things happen for those characters.  I'm hoping the same holds true for me and my career's we set sail from day one today.

Today I had the most perfect kick-off to my full time snappin' career (which I feel like HAS TO BE a good sign...that I literally finished my contract at midnight and then 8 hours later was snapping a birth!).  It was wonderful -- nothing makes me happier than getting to capture a brand new fresh babe coming into this world.  It is just magical. I get to attend.

Just a sneaky sneak from today's delivery.  Man, it was awesome.  And maybe cause I'm biased after having 4 c-sections myself but I just love snapping those deliveries.  Mom and dad were awesome and sure loved welcoming their new little lady...and big brother was super happy with his new little sis too!!  Also the OB was my OB, who it's no secret I love, so it was great working with her to capture another one of her patient's babe's arrival.

So after this birth I literally walked down the hall to snap this Fresh 48!  My goodness it was wonderful -- nice bright warm light streaming in and the most wonderful little girl.

Snapping both of these before noon today made my heart soar and scream that THIS IS what I'm suppose to be doing.  (Also makes me happy when people want their pics shared so I can showoff a bit of these sweet brand new squishy fresh babes to all of my FB followers!!)

I then headed to pickup the girls from my mom's (Patrick went back to school already) to head home for lunch and naps...not before a few quick sunny day pics of my favorite little ladies.

During nap time I pounded through getting the birth and Fresh 48 pics edited (and after nap time till about 5pm!).  I also got a very special birth inquiry for a spring birth (kinda exactly up the line of my give back resolution for this year) so I am super duper excited to meet with this family soon to chat about capturing their little one's arrival (which may be akin to Clark's arrival) and see if I'd be a good fit with them to do this.

Once the girlies got up from their nap and I finished up my pics we headed to the pool for a quick Thursday evening swim.

It was kinda surreal...because I'm always so conditioned to check my Ursuline email and yearbook stuff and NOPPPPPPEEEEE.  Not anymore!  And you know what?!  It's kinda freaking liberating and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  Truly.

The kids had a BLAST at the pool -- uncle Brian joined us and it was a great evening.  I was still on my birth high that takes me a hot second to come down from after and I kept telling Mike what an awesome first day it was.  So many good things happened today -- many of them made my heart soar and feel so incredibly happy and grateful for what I have...a feeling I haven't felt REALLY like this in months.

I then got a ping on my phone that my camera lens -- one that I ordered a month ago that has been backordered -- has shipped!  It'll be here next week!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!  I mean, if that isn't another good sign, after everything else that happened today, I don't know what is.

My first official day, day one, was a good one.  A really really good one.  I feel like my little guardian angel was sitting on my shoulder all day long telling me, "It's good mom, it's really good.  Big things are coming and this is just the start."  And I think he's right.  So many things happened today that made me feel things I haven't felt in months and I cannot help but take that as a good sign of great big things to come in the future.  I'm sure there'll be tough days ahead, but I'm keeping my sights set on optimism and determined to make 2019 an incredibly awesome year.  Big cheers to that my friends, and it's just day one...on January 3rd.

And here's some Rosie bath fun to end this post with.  Happy (almost) weekend!!

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