Chilly Morning at the Zoo

Annie is usually with KiKi on Wednesdays, but today KiKi had the day off and Annie and I got to have a little {chilly!} girls fun at the Zoo!

The temp said it was 30 not too awful, right?! WRONG.  Forgot to look at the windchill which was like 12.  Oops.  But Annie didn't seem to mind...she was too excited to see the couple animals that weren't afraid of the chilly weather!

I knew it wouldn't be too crowded (read: dead) with the weather and being a weekday and I was hoping we'd get to see a few animals up close sans the crowds. 



Annie was IN LOVE.  She was up close with Kali as he swam and dove back and forth over and over again!  We got a solid 5 minute show with him and I of course snap snap snappppppped away!!

I mean, how cool is that?!??! And alllll to ourselves which is AMAZING because I love seeing these shots online but whenever I've been to the Zoo recently it's always been packed and no way you could get a solo shot like this.  So yeeeeee-haw for a successful morning!

After Kali was finished swimming he actually went inside so they could clean his area so we headed off to see the penguins.

She clearly LOVED the penguins (and I loved that the usual chilly penguin house was actually a ton warmer than it was outside!) and we stayed in there for a while (again by ourselves!) watching them swim all around back and forth!

We then got to see the grizzly bear before going to get warm in the children's zoo for a bit before heading out.

It was a short and sweet (and SO COLD!) little Zoo trip but SO MUCH FUN and such a fun morning having some solo time with my favorite Annie girl!

I hope she had a blast (she crashed as soon as we got home) -- I cannot wait to do it again!  And seeing the polar bear soooooo makes me want to think about offering Zoo sessions like that but man, I cannot guarantee having Kali swimming about so I'd had to offer them and no dice with the animals.  I have to think on that idea some more :)

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