Bikes and Baths

January is typically my slow season...which is fine by me.  I mean, we're getting lots of family time in, especially since I don't have any school stuff to worry about (which still feels SO FREAKING WEIRD to not have that part of my daily routine 'to do' (email check, yearbook work, etc...)). 

However, even for being my 'slow' time on day 5 of January I've already had a newborn session, birth, fresh 48, and maternity session under my belt!  Insane!!  I had this super fun maternity session today -- we went for a hike!  How cool is that??!?!

Anyways, we've not been doing too much of anything -- come Monday everyone is back at school and we'll be back in that routine (thank goodness!!) and maybe then it'll really hit me that photography is my one-woman show now.  It still kinda feels surreal.

Speaking of, I have been super torn with an edit I have gone back and forth with from my birth last week...

I like them both for different reasons!  I love the top because you can see what all is happening in the room and I just love that...but then the bottom with it being darker and immediately you focus on I love that too.  Anyways, I totally gave mom both cause #indecisive but I wanted to share here too.

Last night I got a much needed girls' night with some of my most favorite people.  These gals are freaking amazing...2 of them I met online through a Facebook group for kids' clothes and we realized we were local so we've done a few get togethers...well these guys have spearheaded all of the wonderfulness and outpouring of support and love from my favorite Facebook group last fall when we were going through everything with Clark and then Scoots.  They are just amazing and I hope we can have lots more girl dates in the future!

Today Patrick got to spend almost the entire day at my parents' -- he helped them take down Christmas decorations and even helped my dad clean the leaves off of the roof!  How fun is that?!?!  He LOVED it.

And speaking of Patrick, this kid is amazing.  I swear he's only practiced riding a two-wheeler a few times but man he's got it down pat.  He just has to work on stopping...but other than that he's doing incredible!  Since it was so gorgeous out today we spent some time before dinner riding bikes and playing outside and he did incredible!  I'm so proud of him!

Isn't he amazing?!?!  Gosh what a dude.  We also did a few snaps after school in the front yard the other day (cause man, it's been so good to see the sun!!!) and I cannot believe how grown up he is...and that he's going to be SIX before I know it!  INSANE.  I cannot believe I have an almost 6 year old!!

So Rosie got a little treat today...

She is SO EXCITED that we are heading to Florida for a few days during her spring break for a mommy-and-me trip!  It'll be awesome...Florida for 4 days with her then back home for 24 hours and off to NYC with Patrick for the last half!  I am so excited for their spring break!  We're headed to stay with my aunt and uncle when Rosie and I go...I actually had someone ask for photog recs in Ft. Myers area and figured heck, I could do it if they wanted and make a business trip out of it and bring Ro!  So that's exactly what we're doing!!

I am anxiously awaiting my new camera lens that I ordered like 6 weeks ago and it had been was suppose to come today but FedEx now has it delayed till Monday (ughhh).  More waiting...patiently. haha! 

I did whip my camera out for the girls' bath time tonight -- per Rosie's request for pictures.

Gosh they kill me.  And Annie has the best expressions EVER!  I love it!!

Anyways, that's about all I've got for tonight's little life recap.  Nothing super duper exciting happening around here...just keeping busy with snappin' and back to our school routine and now looking oh-so-forward to our Hawaiian vacay in February and my solo trips with my big kiddos in March.  I know that time of the year is going to be tough, because we should have been livin' the newborn life with Clark, but I'm hoping all of these trips and photoshoots and some births squeezed in will keep me distracted.  I'm really REALLY hoping for that.

Anyways, have a great rest of your weekend friends!  Enjoy this pic of Mike's belated Christmas present...Scooter's last solo pic with my big camera before he crossed the rainbow bridge.

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